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Frequently Asked Yardi Questions

What do I need when implementing Yardi Systems?

Most of the information needed to set up the Yardi database is information that you will most likely already have. Some of the basic information needed includes:

  • Property information, such as a unit list, unit sizes, and unit availability
  • Tenant information, such as names, lease dates, and lease charges
  • Financial information, such as tenant balances, tenant deposits, vendor balances, and ending financial balances from existing financial statements
  • Staff information, such as a list of users and what their access should be in the database

With this information, WhiteStone will help you set up your Yardi database, starting at the system level.  We will review the chart of accounts to make sure all needed g/l accounts are there, set the system options and defaults, create charge codes, add custom menus, identify user groups and set their permissions, and create new users.  Once the system setup is complete, we’ll move into the property management side.  Here we will add properties, units, tenants, and opening balances.  The final step will be Yardi training to make sure everyone knows how to use the new database on a daily basis.

WhiteStone will be there for support from the beginning.  Even after the full Yardi implementation is complete, we remain available for ongoing support to make sure you’re always taken care of.

How long does it take to set up my Yardi database?

The required time for a database implementation varies for every company.  Factors include the size of the company, how much history from a previous database is desired, etc.  To get a better understanding of how long your implementation will take, please contact us.

What is the cost to implement Yardi Systems?

The cost of implementation varies for all companies.  For a more detailed discussion, please contact us.

Why should I select WhiteStone Consulting Group as my Yardi consultant?

This is a great question!  Most clients come to us because they’re looking for the personal service an independent consultant provides.  We hold your hand through the entire Yardi setup and training process, and we’re there long after the implementation for continuing support.  In addition to the personalized service, our response time is typically faster, and our fees are much more attractive.

We look forward to working with you.  Please click here to contact us today.

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